vaZiora EiZiee gloda TustiE den

Ze flomi uafi den kedan ik [cauki guyej] veZ OzspEjan ik reca aSuarktak un Tusti kana yalrOkfikend ik Olzhout ut iuz cainee Zed at Zosta ika netes gayez vOZ 200E nast, rEs yav kedan ik zoij ur yorjden.

zoij EnglEisan vuZ uvEn caine ut az niNxiaE ZeNki viargstualpon ara ist cezEpsain Ze snugkuid.

This small, oval-shaped berry has been called the “red diamond” as it is thought to have anti-ageing powers and has achieved newfound global status as a superfood, but to the people of China, who have being using it medicinally since the 3rd Century, it’s simply called the goji berry or wolfberry.

The goji berry is grown across China, but it’s Ningxia’s unique geology that has created the most revered version of the fruit. [Source: BBC]

pirca ploubi yez Ze urons

ut cEim az rulghEmon krajand iuz hEma Survas voZ telnek arsa Sur ijSira ur boski SurjiskSera fuirOk voZ sula ki erE raib.

uts, uvzEi az gEvki voZ spEZa daig diouga raib ut dEga yezkEnSonzaig.

But in actuality, in your heart, you are lying if it felt no hurt when the mother and father pretended to not understand or accidently unattended to the child when arriving to a person’s house.

However, it is also difficult to think about beautifying the house on the notion that it became a forbidden zone upon guests. [Collection: narou stepentej]

grouggaT ijruiki Sagilgrougnebprij

kon az ZE glaibia dEga pEgerkgroug.

voZ vOZ 1940E nast, Zas ist zoti skuipe un rEsesE helios yurda vuZ Ze zaig kiyEz zirona sloruS sYtroSjiTi lej.

Perhaps that’s fitting for a secret site.

In the early 1940s, the world’s top scientists and their families trudged through this patio, bedraggled from a cross-country train trip. [Source: BBC]

eSdErca 2E tulg krulE 2

atsouE sunE diji stevE gloda jiska 1 dratE TakE 1 SEizSurvreni stevo ijjiska vEZ Surv slia ara. voZ jiskan, Zas ZE stevoE hET lEza sowEikpEwobaron hins Sur staipa hins Sur Enhoiza houtai biwip skans rEs.
The girl that was trapped in the car just now looked as if she saw an almost bald guy observing her under a tree without trying to act. While being seen for a while, that guy gestured his finger in order to not make a sound so as to not attract the attention of the zombie that is feasting in front of him.

erdaskEzain ridlEs

joyelhOvOt Zed zidan vuZ weN yiuaklalE uaZ iclOkY Saz yav uayil oundzaig, ut az zida hazliop iki houtgroug un kuTorkefreS un 2 pualtYr.

uvzEis, ZEgE erg az SEin ZaunkEir. ezijdem tisa ZE ridlEsdErkanor Zed reca larsonon rEski ijaran.

Joyelhoevoet that is located on the waters of yiuaklal in icloeky is not only simply a place to stay, but also has facilities such as a restaurant, a karaoke bar and 2 swimming pools.

Furthermore, its position is near the capital, ezijdem made the construction of the resort with sustainability concepts successfully executed. [Collection: narou stepentej]

bloupen krulE 2

[pligoz] rEs kiga. rEsE liuzstaip SurkOnsi repa. staipgloda iki rEs kiga xauS Esk.
“Good evening,” she said, her voice resonating in a way that wasn’t natural. It sounded like she’d spoken from right beside me.

il is sed Zur geT Ze siriaE kEir

rEs baunta Tak kaut vuZ rEsE cigorezi iazemE iacen Zer merga iuz EzE is dirOS. uts, 32 nastuark salah jar Sur az EvEiri.
Crouched beneath a table in the corner of his rubble strewn basement, a man shelters from the barrage of bombs above. But 32-year-old Salah Jaar is not alone. [Source: BBC]

SaikruldE lejsa skEndinEivia Ze 10 ESouki vEZon

skEndinEiviai skain az rOtzEvs 1E isroumZound Zed yaldan ga haN vEZ laspesi ihsunsonslEimonZaunen. Ze az hio iki jausdimzaul ijsiwipi ijzounts un iuz ostE tarcskagon, rEs az ilz gari ur uvEns slentin.
Scandinavian Mountains is the world’s first airport to be operated from the off using a virtual – rather than an actual – air traffic control tower. This is a bit like VAR in football and, depending on your perspective, is either terribly modern or wholly terrifying. [Source: Telegraph]

seja dEjtasenhEZ

3 hEZseje seja hEZ voZ jisklej vuZ judreTkOnE tuyads dEj voZ Saigau. rEses zErsulouvi seja hEZ vuZ dEjtasen vEZ Sed veZ kanS zira ki uaZ veZ ilz causki uaZ vYZonel kiuZ rulvia hEZsejanorarons.
3 fishermen caught fish during a go-see at tuyads beach at judrethkoen today. They took initiative by catching fish at the coastline with a net as they were unable to go to the ocean because of wavy ocean conditions such that it would be dangerous to fish-catching activities. [Collection: narou stepentej]

stuaZreds krulE 1

Esk zauga dek Zer jEb takglEba gayez Esk kan zerca iuz braNsjurS Zeds rEses hoirOkan un luiman kiuZ iacen. rEs reyeda Esk iki rEsE gim un fosa ZET Zed rEs steka Esk suada Zur siyisga EskE uarE jEizon.
I opened the trunk and bit my lip before I could gasp at the pile of sumptuous fabrics folded and stacked to the brim. He treated me like his doll, picking out the things he preferred to see me in rather than considering my own tastes.

vuZ jezonziag, Zas ijpet il oreza

dEksi ijpetpauz az orez is er Ze ev ertEns un kOn tisa greSuzbon voZ degzEilE rebat Ze aron. rEs uvzEi kan jEta ki SurleruhEmon, Surdernep iki ilontrid ur kanStridon un uTzEra uarsErpanorspEZon.
Major depressive disorder is a particular form of the condition which affects many people, potentially causing loss of pleasure in activities that once used to bring joy. It can also lead to feelings of worthlessness, imbalances such as oversleeping or insomnia, and trigger thoughts of suicide. [Source: BBC]


2 yurde tuza venten Zed glESa tagnar ziagsE zountenE hauli dErk Zeds az vuZ 1 nulgdErkmisk vuZ kaTuko coik vuZ tagnar kEirZaungroug voZ Saigau. ZE venten Zed Zala krezguisk un Sera bYr lEza hauli dErk uvzEia dugrEz hilg, tagnar TElskansend, dugrEz sET zerio un tuTNaus cuikgeskgloNk sETi bratdErk.
2 pedestrians passed by the murals of iconic buildings around tagnar district on a wall of a shop building at kathuko street in downtown tagnar city. This drawing that had a theme of black and white and taking care of cleanliness shows iconic buildings such as dugraez castle, tagnar river front, dugraez museum and the tuthngaus royal polo club. [Collection: narou stepentej]

stuaZreds krolE 3

kufaiSYE liuz un rEs SodaE ivisE hauksa muisk rEsesE hod skisan ki gawauS. vEtoiS un Esk uayan vuZ EskesE erg muisk gauska.
Kufaishy’s voice, and that of whoever he’d encountered, faded away as their footsteps receded down the hall. Vaetoish and I held our place, waiting.

souviEti stelpTakstualpsevusen

taSkEnt Zed az uzbEkistanE ZaunkEir dEga 7E souviEti kEir Zed dErkand Zas sloruSZound voZ 1977E nast. viZa uzbEkistan un souviEt sYtroSE rEzet Ze stelpi Zal OzkliTan ki Zuic uns elg slouktaspan un bEiZe zEra yalda.
In 1977, Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, became the seventh Soviet city to have a metro built. Grand themes celebrating the history of Uzbekistan and the Soviet Union were brought to life, as art was commissioned and designers set to work. [Source: BBC]

narkE TEl doigcuik

leje huria Suigdioug vEZ TEldoigcuika vuZ narkE TEl voZ deggauSuig. leje Zed zira vuZ narkE TEl voZ Suig fuSa huria xuigin zount vEZ is wardE surYzi juig zidan.
Tourists enjoyed the beauty of the night by riding a river cruise at narkae river last night. Tourists that went along narkae river at night had the chance to enjoy an exhilirating scenery with an abundance of colourful LED lights. [Collection: narou stepentej]